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Though Argentina has made headlines in recent years due to its financial crisis and the tumbling value of its peso, it remains an excellent and safe destination for tourists and visitors. In some ways, Argentina’s financial woes are a boon to those wishing to live there for a period of time. The lower value of the peso means other currencies such as the U.S. Dollar can really go very far. This makes Argentina one of the best bargains for those wishing to spend significant time there.

Argentina has a very European culture and feel. In fact most of its almost 40 million person population has European ancestry, with roots in countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany. This makes Argentina one of the destinations of choice for Americans and Europeans who want to go somewhere that they feel they can truly blend in with the inhabitants and the culture.

Spanning a good part of the entire continent of South America from top to bottom, Argentina provides a very diverse climate and landscapes. From the glaciers at its southern tip where it practically reaches to Antarctica, to the subtropical regions in the north bordering Brazil, Argentina has just about every type of landscape you can imagine in between – snow covered mountains, vast farming plains, mighty rivers with roaring waterfalls, and a seemingly endless coastline with beautiful beaches. Over 15 million people (more than 1/3 of the country’s population) lives in Buenos Aires, a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with a very European feel. All of this combines to make Argentina a very attractive destination to many EFL-ESL professionals.

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