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Chile is known to be a place of natural wonders, but as well is a place of natural turbulence. The giant glaciers lie in the south; the AndesMountains in the east, geysers are dotted throughout the west coast, in the middle of the country there is an expanse of fertile vineyard land and finally verdant forested areas. Lovers of outdoor adventure don’t have to search very far for a thrill. The currency is the Chilean Peso and trades at approximately 540 to 1 US dollar. Chileans are mostly descendant from European ancestry. They adore artistic expression whether through literature, poetry, dance, music or visual art. The fine things in life are of great importance to them and they take pride in their accomplishments including having a very high standard of education.

The pastoral country side contains some of the best vineyards in the world. Santiago, the largest populated center is set amongst a beautiful mountain back drop and although it is a quickly growing city it retains a peaceful clean quality. Visitors will be astounded by the multitude of places to enjoy dining, dancing, sightseeing, bull fights, rodeos and soccer games. The hardy, yet fresh cuisine can be lavishly enjoyed with one of the hundreds of varieties of world class Chilean wine. An air of earthy sophistication is the Chilean way. Viña del Mar is one of the most ideal beach resorts complete with beautiful white sandy beaches, and a host of sophisticated entertainment centers. The beach is very easily accessible from Santiago as it is only 120 km away and also very nearby (only 8 km) is another beach resort called Valparaiso. Due to the relatively small size of Chile it is an easy country to explore.

Easter Island is a part of Chilean history that is covered in mystique and due to its isolated location and of course the “Moais” human stone statues. These statues represent the legacy of the islands’ past. The archipelagos are surrounded by the clearest sea and are inhabited by the rarest forms of marine life.



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