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Cuba is the largest island located in the area known as the West Indies; which is very close to Key WestFlorida and the Gulf of Mexico. Mountains cover the Southeastern and South Central part of the country. Many small islands with ample waterfront areas also belong to Cuba. The climate is mild; or more precisely, subtropical with influences of trade winds from the north for the brief winter. The average yearly temperatures are from 68 F to 85 F. The currency is the Cuban peso which trades at approximately 26.5 to 1 US dollar.

Cuba is known throughout history for its involvement between the United States and Russia especially during the Cold War years. Within the Cuban political environment there has been the need for independence from the rest of the world. A highly controversial communist regime has been in place for several years; however with the fall of the iron curtain in 1990 the once powerful force of this style of governing has faded away. What now stands out amongst all the changes that are slowly taking place is a positive force of preservation of the past which can been seen through the vintage American vehicles that drive through Havana today.

Havana is the heart and pulse of the country it is a city like no other in the world. The beauty of the Spanish Colonial architecture is unsurpassed because of the fact that is so well preserved. The tourism industry has not damaged any part of the city including the soft white sandy beaches of the eastern part. History is thriving through the museums and galleries. Havana is a safe haven for the visitor and it is brimming with colorful character. One can not be remiss and not take advantage of the special styles of dance which are of utmost importance to the Cuban culture. The sultry salsa, and the big band rumba are very popular; these life pleasures must be experienced. Sip upon the world renowned Mojito cocktail which is made of most part fresh mint, some sugar and rum.

The vibrant Cuban people are known to be very welcoming to visitors. They have a love for dance and music quite unlike any other culture. The Cuban cuisine is fresh and eating is to be enjoyed for prolonged periods of time.



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