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Ecuador is no bigger than many U.S. States, but in such a small area is packed more beautiful and unique natural resources than most countries three times its size can boast of. Ecuador is mostly highlands, spotted by many active and impressive volcanoes. Ecuador is a tropical land, straddling the middle of the northern and southern hemispheres at the equator, and so much of the country is covered by dense tropical rainforest.

In addition to a mainland consisting of some of the best natural wonders you will find in the region, Ecuador boasts perhaps the most unique natural wonder in the world – the Galapagos Islands. This small group of islands, due to their distance from every other major landmass, has developed the most unique plant and animal life in the world – a living laboratory for scientists and anyone interested in the wonders of nature.

In addition to amazing natural wonders, Ecuador boasts an amazing manmade wonder as well – the capital city of Quito. This beautiful city is considered by many to be the prettiest city in all of South America. It is almost 2 miles above sea level, which regulates its climate. So even though Quito is almost literally right on the equator, the weather is remarkably temperate, and rarely oppressively hot in the city. Quito is also an architectural attraction in and of itself. UNESCO has named the city as a world cultural heritage site, and the reason why is evidenced by its beautiful colonial whitewashed churches and houses, spacious old plazas, and stunning Catholic statues. Ecuador does have some instability in certain regions of the country, but overall the country is a safe and beautiful place to learn and teach Spanish – especially the beautiful capital of Quito.

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