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The fact that Mexico is neighbor to the United States geographically makes immersion here an attractive and viable option. The culture is founded upon the earthly values of the indigenous people which make the language colorful and to a very small degree eclectic. Dependent upon the region; dialects may be spoken somewhat slower. Comprehension is made easier by physical gestures which are an integral part of the local language. Mexicans can be quite forgiving and tolerant of error. Cultural cues are very subtle; people are not at all fastidious and are also for the most part, quite keen to help make the learning process as easy as possible. It is uncommon for one to hear them complain.

Mexicans are world famous for their delicious cuisine. If ever the foreigner had a preconceived notion about variety of tastes and dishes available these notions will surely change. The unexpected flavors which are creatively put together will make you long for experience again after it is over. The food is simple, nutritious, fresh and cheap. Eating is not a formal ritual in day to day living so vendors are found in many places. The currency is the Mexican peso which trades at approximately 10.8 per 1 US dollar.

By far the most popular areas to visit in Mexico are the coastal beaches at the resorts of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. All of them offer a variety of attractions; bustling nightlife, a wide assortment of outdoor sports, and tranquil spas. Mexico City is a very complex and interesting metropolis. This is a place that is a feast for the senses as there will be no possibility of being bored there. Guadalajara is the second largest city and is easily navigable and rather pleasant to visit to explore by foot. This smaller metropolis is known to be the most unblemished by tourism and therefore the most authentic. Explorations of Mexican pass times such as bull fighting and soccer are very indicative of the passions within the culture. Mexico possesses numerous treasures in terms of ancient ruins. The Mayan people left behind legacies along the seaside of Quintana Roo, which are a must see and as well worth the trip are the sights of Mayan legacy amongst the ChiapasMountains in a town called Palenque.



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