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Panama is located at the end of Central America making it the link to South America. The country is known especially for its famous canal. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea. The nation’s interior is made up of rugged mountains and the coast is made up of plains, as well as, rolling hills. The currency is the Panama Balboa which trades at approximately .97 to 1 US dollar. The temperatures are typically hot and may reach highs of approximately 90 F and lows of 72 F.

Along the PacificCoast lies Panama City which is a burgeoning capital with well established businesses connected with the canal. The culture is a mix of native and European background and African mixed with European. The diverse population is indicative of the nation’s many immigrants. The neighborhoods in the city reflect this eclectic mosaic; for instance, high rises are set beside colonial buildings. The marine museum demonstrates the importance of sea vessels to the city. An out of the way area to visit in the country is Boquete; this small alpine town in a pristine setting is a good place to gain a tranquil perspective of the country. Bocas Del Toro a small center has beaches which are untouched by the throngs of tourists and are gaining the reputation of being the definition of heavenly.

The people of Panama come from various origins. The rural areas speak of the Hispanic ancestry complete with folk songs and living the ranch lifestyle. The cities show influences of the United States in sports and music. Panamanians value decorum in behavior, opening doors for ladies, smiling and greeting one another in a polite manner are common place customs.



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