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Located in South America along the north western coast surrounded by Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador; Peru is a conglomeration of the best of the Andes mountains and the AmazonBasin. The currency is the Peru Nuevos Soles which trade at approximately .30 to 1 US dollar. The climate varies from the extreme systems in the high altitudes, to the tropical conditions of the eastern part of the country. Temperatures can average from 50 F to high of 88 F and are dependent upon region.

The country is world famous for what is left of some of the greatest civilizations of indigenous people. The Incas were once steeped in worldly riches and as is evident in Machu Picchu they were a highly intelligent society. The train ride from Cuzco is truly not to be missed and not easily forgotten. The great ruins of the Inca tribe lie approximately 100 miles by train from Cuzco and take you into the basin of the Amazon River; where it feels like time has stood still. The village at the foot of Machu Picchu is called Agua Calientes because of the fresh mountain hot springs that exist there. The visitor is then able to climb on a trail through the Amazon forest which is either a short bus ride or a 20 minute hike to the famous Inca village. There is sure to be a magical transformation that occurs in each and every tourist who views the village of the mysterious Inca tribe. The descendants of the Incas; the Quechua tribe still hold some of the early customs of their Incan ancestors. This modern day glimpse of ancient history is truly a rare and privileged experience.

Even in the bustling metropolis of Lima, the Peruvian people are genuinely friendly and helpful. Lima is a popular destination as it contains a wide array of museums, galleries, spectacular architecture, vibrant nightlife, live music, and a terrific coastline. Not far from the city are some pristine white sandy beaches which are easily accessible. An out of the way travel spot in Peru is Lake Titicaca which is really worth seeing as it represents the most simple of lifestyles and offers an experience to float on top of the highest lake in the world. The deep blue waters are home to hundreds of islands that are made solely of reeds. There are a host of affordable treks and tours the visitor can book and enjoy interesting facets of the Peruvian life.



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