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+ Spanish Schools in Venezuela

  • Centro de Linguistica Aplicada

    We are located in the heart of Venezuela, in a colonial house built on top of Inca foundations. The school is small and personal and is located in Playa El Angel one of the best areas of Isla Margarita, far from the touristic places. Cela was founded in 1997.

  • Iowa Institute

    Since 1993 we have served over 20,000 clients, offering a variety of educational travel programs in 40 different cities throughout the Spanish speaking world (including Venezuela). Group or private lessons, accommodations and many specialized programs.

  • Venusa C.P.S.A.
    Institute of International Studies and Modern Languages


    A mix of European seriousness with South American joy of life, our aim is to teach Spanish and to have a lot of fun doing it, while also showing our students something about Venezuela, its culture and its people. Classes for all levels, homestays, and social work opportunities.

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