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Spain is the 3rd largest tourist destination in the world. It usually only takes one trip there to see why. With a great combination of thousands of years of history, cosmopolitan cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, and some of the best beach and resort areas in the world, Spain truly is a land that ‘has it all’.

As the homeland of the Spanish language, many regions of the country speak the purest form of Spanish known as Castellan. This is ‘proper Spanish’ that is most commonly taught in school. For those who wish to experience the truest Castellan among the general populace, a stay in the region of Salamanca is highly recommended. Here, even on the streets you will hear a very proper version of Spanish spoken in its truest form.

Spain is a member of the European Union, and benefits greatly from its association and trade with its neighboring countries. It also benefits from the tremendous amount of tourists that come from these countries. But Spain still keeps its own very unique culture very alive. Spain’s diverse history is omnipresent in its architecture, where you can see ancient Roman structures and aqueducts, palaces and mosques from the Islamic insurgence, countless medieval castles, and gothic cathedrals – sometimes all within a day of touring. Spain has a long tradition of producing great artists, from Goya to Dalí to Picasso, and has many great museums to display the great works of these and many other artists. Spain has a culture all its own, with things such as the Flamenco, bullfighting and its unique cuisine making it a truly unforgettable destination for short-term tourists and those who choose to live there for a period of time.

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