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The landscape of Venezuela is truly one of the most dramatic in the world. Located in the north of the South American continent; the country is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. The Northeast coast is famous for its stellar beaches and its vast network of coral reef. The AndesMountain peaks in the west are some of the highest and the lower regions possess some of the most fertile land. The vibrant OrinocoRiver stretches all through Venezuela from west to east and is home to the country’s native tribes. The wildlife is so diverse in this rainforest area; a species of fresh water Dolphin can be found there. The currency is the Venezuelan Bolivares which exchange at approximately 2,145 to 1 US dollar. The climate is tropical throughout most of the country with temperatures averaging from approximately 76 F to 96 F. The lower mountainous regions have temperatures which average from approximately 50 F to 77 F and the higher alpine regions average from approximately 59 F and below. The dry season occurs from December to April and the wet season occurs generally from May to October. The OrinocoRiver region is subjected to more rainfall than the rest of the country.

Caracas is a thoroughly modern city located on the beautiful Caribbean Sea and it contains the beautiful AvilaMountain. The massive “Capitolio Nacional” Cathedral, in the center of the city, is famous for its golden dome and oval hall which is decorated with ornate murals. The Museum of Colonial Art is surrounded by a spectacular garden which is well worth a walkabout. Off the coast of Venezuela approximately 100 miles from the port of Caracas is an archipelago with easy access to the village of Los Roques which is a spectacularly scenic and peaceful place. The beaches are incredible because of the crystal clear waters and the bright blue colors that surround them. “AngelFalls” are the largest waterfalls in the world rising 3,212 feet above the earth and are located in the CanaimaNational Park south of the city of Bolivar. This site is very popular amongst tourists and can be seen from foot or by plane.

Venezuelan people are a mix of black, white and native people. Traditions of all of these nationalities have come together to make up the nation’s unique influences. Dance, music and religious celebrations are an integral part of the culture. The national dance called “The Joropo” brings people together through joyful accord. Venezuelans are known to be open, laid back and friendly.



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