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It is a huge benefit to have some background in speaking Spanish when traveling to a Spanish-speaking. Depending on the country and area where you are traveling, the local population can have varying degrees of English fluency, from very little to none in more remote and rural areas to a significant amount in urban areas and areas frequented by tourists. But as a general rule, the more Spanish you know, the better off you will be. Sometimes people are afraid to take such a big step to move to another country to teach when they don't know the language, but the truth is that the quickest way to learn is being immersed in it on a daily basis. Many people who spoke no Spanish whatsoever when they accepted a position in a Spanish-speaking country, are nearly fluent in the language a year later between taking classes and interacting in Spanish every day.

Though being immersed in the language is the fastest way to learn any new language, a little preparation beforehand can go a long way in giving you some foundational knowledge and background in the language. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our Top 20 Spanish Phrases. This can be a start on your road to preparation. The more preparation and study you do beforehand, the easier and quicker the language will come to you when you travel abroad.

Top 25 Spanish Phrases

  • Yes ------ Sí
  • No ------ No
  • Hello ------ ¡Hóla!
  • Good day ------ Buenos diás
  • Good bye ------ Adiós
  • See you soon ------ Hasta luego
  • I don't know------ Yo no sé
  • I don't think so------ Creo que no
  • I think so------ Creo que sí
  • It doesn't matter------ No importa
  • Of course! ------ ¡Claro!
  • True------ Es verdad
  • Can I/May I ------ ¿Puedo?
  • Please ------ Por favor
  • Thank you (very much) ------ (Muchas) Gracias
  • I'm sorry ------ Lo siento
  • Excuse me ------ ¡Perdone!
  • Why? ------ ¿Por qué?
  • What? ------ ¿Qué?
  • Who? ------¿Quién?
  • Where? ------¿Dónde?
  • When? ------ ¿Cuándo?
  • How much does it cost? ------ ¿Cúanto cuesta?
  • Where is the bathroom? ------ ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño?
  • Where is the telephone? ------¿Dónde está el teléfono?

This should just be a primer. There are countless classes, Web sites, books, audio CD's and computer programs that will allow you to improve your Spanish speaking abilities.

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